TRX Neck Pillow | Ergonomic Shape with Memory foam | Softest Neck Pillow | Get Pouch Free | Grey/Black


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Ergonomic Shape Neck Pillow with Memory Foam for Head & Neck support to Travel in Comfort.

Product Technical Specifications:

  • Material Inside: Polyurethane memory foam
  • Fabric: cotton + mesh cover
  • Shape: U-shape.
  • Product Weight: 37g
  • Product Dimension: 25.5 x 13.5 x 27 cm

It’s a complete struggle to provide comfort to your neck while traveling, or otherwise, the whole trip will be ruined with unbearable neck pain! No matter if it’s a bus, car, or airplane, seats are always uncomfortable for the neck, and hence long journeys seem impossible.

The biggest catastrophe is sleep eludes you in such a neck position, making your dream trip a disaster. Rescuing our poor necks from a hell of pain are the neck pillows, which are nothing short of a miracle invention, which suddenly took all the discomfort and neck pain away.

The best of all, TRX Comfort Travel Neck Pillow, is a perfect fit for traveling for long hours and yet keeping your neck in position. Especially, the memory foam in this travel pillow ensures the appropriate position of your neck, considerate of the direction in which the neck rests. The ergonomic design of this neck pillow is structured in such a way that the neck never loses support. The travel pillow is bound to be in any position the neck ends up in. Most importantly, this design is built considering the most comfortable position for a nap or long sleep.

Taking care of the neck posture like a pro makes this travel neck pillow a must-have traveling buddy. With an adjustable closure and a carry pouch, it’s super easy to carry this travel pillow wherever you want, just like a portable charger for your neck! Also, coming with a breathable luxury cover, it’s quite easy to wash it whenever needed.

The TRX Comfort Travel Neck pillow is made of pure cotton that provides soft support against the neck and makes the journey peaceful as well. The adjustable closure at the end ensures that the person with the pillow can adjust it according to his neck & #39;s shape and size. Unlike many neck pillows in the market, the memory foam in the TRX Comfort Travel Neck Pillow provides 360° comfort to the neck and supports the neck when it falls as well. As one can turn the pillow to 90 or 180 degrees to help the chin as well, this pillow delivers a good sleep and relaxation while traveling.

Paired with the ease of washable experience, this travel pillow is light and easy to be carried along with you anywhere. Available in the most elegant colors of all time, black and grey, it delivers style with the luxury of comfort!

Weight 0376 g
Dimensions 25.5 × 13.5 × 27 cm

Black, Grey

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