TRX Coat Hanger


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A two fold travel hanger that allows you to hang up and jump into your coat on the go.

Product Technical Specifications:

  • Material: PP + Aluminium
  • Product Weight : 36.5 g
  • Product Dimension : 12 x 5 x 22

Travel comes with a lot of walks, sit downs and lay downs; and your jacket, coats are going through a lot of wear and tear; TRX Coat hanger is just about the accessory you need to carry to help you unwind as and when with having it hooked and hung up.

The TRX coat hange is made of a light material and has two sizes, one on each fold, to allow you to hand your coat, jackets or any other as per the size.It second fold can also be used as a stopper for smaller clothes that might slip out.
A simple two fold mechanism makes it easily storable in just about any space available. So now if your relaxing at the airport or in transit, need to freshen up, weather change makes it irrelevant to wear a jacket, or just need to store it for the next time; get the TRX coat hanger out and hang them up!

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Weight 0365 g
Dimensions 6.5 × 1.5 × 14 cm

Green, Orange, Red, Yellow

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