TRX Multi Functional Mobile & SIM kit


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14 in 1 Multifunctional Kit!
6 Charging Cable, 5 W Wireless Charger, 2 SIM Holders, TF card holder, a SIM ejector, Memory card reader, a Mobile Cradle and a LED Light.

Charging Cables (6):

  • Type C to Type C, Type C to Micro Adapter
  • Type C to Lighting, USB to Type C, USB to Lighting, USB to Micro
  • Wireless Charger: 5 W
  • Holders: SIM card holder (2), TF Card Holder, Memory Card Reader, Ejector Pin
  • Wireless Charging Cover with Mobile Mobile Cradle & LED Light
  • Product Weight : 80g
  • Product Dimension : 6 x 1 x 9 CM

Out of stock

Have you ever hoped that you would have one simple box to pick up and carry with you during your travel which will enable you to have access to 6 charging cable wires of various compatiblities, a wireless mobile charger, SIM card ejector, SIM card holder, a memory card reader, a mobile cradle, an a LED light. Just image all of this in one box and the box can easily slip into your shirt or trouser pocket! Yes thats exactly what a TRX Multifunctional Mobile & SIM Travel kit enables you.

Type C to Type C, Type C to Micro, Type C to Lighting, USB to Type C, USB to Lighting, USB to Micro; all permutation combination of cable are at your service with the TRX multifunctonal Mobile & SIM travel kit.

Not only does it give you various charging cable adaptibility but also has the SIM card ejector, a very simple product but yet very important to have and store. I’m sure all of us tend to buy a local SIM on arrival to a new destination, and its alwasy a probelm to exchange SIM with out an ejector, and also store your SIM; this is where you get both the solution inside this TRX multifunctional kit.

What more, there is mobile cradle which allows you to place your mobile on it and watch, listen or play on your moble hand free and relaxed! Further more, the cradle is a 5 W wirless charger, so you can easily plug up the Multifunctional kit, place your mobile on it and enjoy a movie or hours of music with out worrying about the battery running out as the wirless charger keep it all charged up.

It doesnt get over here, a Memory card reader and a LED light, now makes this a completely must have all time favorite gadget for todays traveler. Best gadget ever to possess.

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 10.2 × 2 × 13.2 cm

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