Sport Silcone Portable Foldable Water Bottle


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A 550 ML to 150 ML Collapsable Water bottle, which saves your space as you consume.

Product Technical Specifications:

Model : Portable Sport Water Bottle
100% food grade silicon and PP Material
Full Capacity: 550 ML
Product Weight: 250 g
Product Dimension: 7 x7 x 13.5 cm
Function : Foldable, Flexible and Easy to take

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Many a times you like to carry your water with you and you need to carry your bottle which might still take up your space once you’ve consumed. Here is an solution to help you save space during your travel, with the TRX collapsable water Bottle, which allows you to push the bottle down to reduce its size as your consume. A Collapse from 550 ML to 150 ML in 5 steps as your consume.

Since you cant carry liquid as peer aviation safety norms; and you have to buy a fresh bottle of water from the airport, your could perhap carry an empty and collapsed TRX collapsable bottle hung on to your hand carry or purse with its hook; and your could fill it up post the security, saving up one spending money to buy and space to hold the bottle.

Its made out of food grade silicon material so you can store about any kind of food liquids as well.

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Weight 500 g

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