TRX Universal Travel Adapter | 100 % Fire Retardent PC | Get TRX Pouch free with Adapter


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Product Technical Specifications:

  • Power input: 100-250 V AC
  • Power Output: 100-250 V AC
  • 50/60 HZ 6A (Max)
  • 2 USB Output: DC 5V 1A and
  • 2.1A
  • Metal Material: Full copper with Nickel plating
  • Cover Material: 100 % Fire
  • Retardant PC
  • Socket: Universal Type
  • Plug: UK/US/AUS/EU
  • Product Weight: 135 g
  • Product Dimension: 7.7 X 5 X 4 CM

Traveling anywhere gets hectic when the adapter needs to be taken care of every minute! Even after being an essential tool for electronics, adapters have never been easy to carry or hard to forget. The need to carry different ones if one has multiple devices is equally irritating, not to mention the constant fear of malfunction makes it even worse as a whole trip can be ruined the minute an adapter goes wrong.

Whenever there is a need for a tool that provides multiple functions and plays the role of all the adapters in one product, it is the TRX universal travel adapter that makes it possible because of its numerous exceptional qualities. With the increasing number of gadgets that one might need to carry while traveling, they’ll also need multiple adapters and a separate bag for it, right? Wrong! With this universal adaptor’s multi-function design, it takes a corner of the bag to carry the all-in-one tool for all the necessary gadgets. Weighing as low as 169 grams, the TRX universal travel adapter will be like candy in the bag that could come to use whenever needed.

The absolute perfect dimensions of the product make it convenient to take it along. Most of the travel adapters might offer the use of a universal adapter but fail to add enough power to use them all at once! With the strong power input of 100-250 V AC and similar, powerful output capacity, it is ideal to be used for all the gadgets at once with no fear of short circuits. With the maximum sound frequency of 50/60 Hz in it, it’s a treat to the ears too! Eliminating the need to find multiple adapters is not the most crucial factor for a TRX universal travel adapter, but eliminating the need to find a socket for a travel adapter itself is! With a universal socket this product provides, it makes everything smooth and easy and adds up to become the perfect travel adapter. Having four types of plugs being UK, US, AUS, and EU, it has got everything that an ideal travel adapter needs to have. Its material is 100% fireproof, which protects in case any unfortunate short circuit takes place! But rest assured, the full copper and nickel plating in the TRX universal travel adapter ensures that the short-circuits are not the problem for a travel adapter ever again! Get yourself the best travel adapter today!

Weight 0169 g
Dimensions 7.5 × 6 × 13 cm

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