TRX Safe – t – Key & Opener


A 3 in 1 Safe key for touchless daily functionalities.

Product Technical Specifications:

  • Material : Terylene oxford lawn (Outer) Polyester (inner)
  • Power : 15.6w
  • Input : USB Interface
  • Product Dimension : 24x12x18cm
  • Product Weight : 21g

A feather light ‘t’ shaped alloy keychain is designed with a silicon tipped peak for using the ATM, Pressing Lift button and also your touch screen mobiles with out having to touch them with your hands, to ensure safety and touch-less operations. Need not worry about disinfecting or sanitizing your hands often. The cruce shape helps in any pull functionalities in your daily life such as door knobs and windows. A sharp curve serves as a bottle opener as well. All of this is easily operative by a finger ring hole. And to add to this, it has a keychain rim to function as a keychain. A true need of the hour is to stay safe, and disinfected.
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Weight 0240 g
Dimensions 16 × 0.6 × 9 cm

Black, Orange, Pink, White

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